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Originally from Quebec City, Canada, with an extended family in the San Francisco, US, Liza J. Lee is an East Vancouver resident. She lived in Kitsilano, Vancouver in her 20s after obtaining a BA in English from UBC. She moved to Mount Pleasant, Vancouver in her 30s to focus on her art practice as well as producing arts events through Artistrun, co-founded in 2000 with Belfast-born public artist, Dr. Lycia Trouton of “Linen Memorial”, to commemorate the “Troubles of Ulster” sectarian violence of Belfast. See bio and artist statement for more.

Earth Tiles I, II, III & IV – Based on Craftivism Art Theme (SOLD)


Liza’s “Earth Tiles” series in blue, green and turquoise 12″ x 12″ each (above images and in the Shop) are similar to the brown volcanic “Luxury Art Tiles” called “Beyond Petroleum” in the “Craftivism Art Show” in the fall for Culture Days 2010. All paintings can be utilized as Feng Shui art for interior space planning.

The 2010 “Craftivism” group art show with 20 artists and 60 paintings, was selected among over 4500 art shows across the country to be in a full-page ad in the Globe & Mail. Each “luxury art tile” is hand-painted in acrylics, resin sand textures and R&F oil sticks for a rich design on a wrapped gallery stretched canvas. Finally, each piece is framed in smooth maple with a mahogany finish to complement the deep earth tones of the painting and to suit many decors. Each piece is 8″ x 8″ with sides painted and ready to hang.


The concept of painting square tile-like images in the craftivism art theme, started with Liza J. Lee’s participation the group show for Twitter/Art + Social Media at the Diane Farris Gallery in Spring 2010. In the case of Liza’s artwork, the reuse of Artistrun blog posts is inscribed in the quadtych paintings exhibited at Diane Farris Gallery. Each of Liza’s “Craftivist Art Tiles” or 16” x 16” per finished-sized painting (“Artistrun I” top image below) at the April 1 to May 1, 2010 show centres around nature as a theme and her own post-colonial texts, made from recycled social media.

Liza references the “Craftivism” art movement in her artworks, centered around ideas of subversive structures and networks, which engage various social issues about communities-of-care and intimacy versus immediate publicity: including anti-consumerism, slow time, geo-social networking, environmentalism and sustainability. When buying new materials, many craftivists choose organic fabrics and fair-trade products, as well as the utilization of vintage, thrift and repurposed goods to minimize waste and promote reuse.


artistrunpost800 “Artistrun I” 16″ x 16″ (top image) for “Twitter/Art + Social Media Show” at Diane Farris Gallery





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